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Goats for Sale


Want to start your own tiny herd? We can help!

***Want to know more about what you would be getting from our herd? Meet the Herd to find out more.

Baby Goat

We typically have babies born each year between January and August. If you are interested in purchasing a baby goat, please get in touch to see if we have any available, or when we expect to have more. We are happy to take reservations in advance.

Looking to get into milking more quickly? At times we are able to sell adult does who are currently in milk. Get in touch to see if we have any available.

Nigerian Dwarves are a small (one might even say tiny) dairy breed. They will produce less milk than other, larger dairy breeds - but more than others relative to their size and feed requirements. Their milk is especially high in milk fat, which makes it great for cheeses - or just an extra creamy beverage! Because they are small, they are easy to manage, and their personalities are delightful. Their teats are very small, so they can be a little challenging to milk by hand, but overall we are big fans of these tiny goats!

Why Nigerian Dwarves?

Mom and baby goat

Mini Alpine goats are a cross between Nigerian Dwarves and Alpines (a large dairy breed). This combination brings you the best of both worlds. You get a smaller-statured goat that is a little easier to manage, but larger teats for ease of milking. You get more milk production, but still have some extra butterfat. And their personalities are still delightful!

Why Mini Alpines?

Mini-alpine goats
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