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Raw Goat Milk Herd Share

Alpine goat

Raw goat's milk is delicious and healthy. Many people who have difficulty with typical dairy find that they do well with raw milk from a goat. This is due to the unique enzymes and proteins that it provides (click here for more information about the benefits of goats milk, especially the raw variety).


If you buy goat milk from a store it will likely have a "goaty" taste and smell. But fresh from the farm it is sweet, creamy, and almost indistinguishable from cow's milk.

Raw milk is typically illegal to sell, but Alaska Statute 17.20.015 allows for raw milk herd shares. This allows herd owners to sell "partial ownership" of their herd through shares, which then entitles you to a portion of the milk in exchange for a monthly fee.

Some people (and government agencies) believe that consuming raw milk products is dangerous. But research indicates that the dangers are actually very low. But don't take our word for it - click here and here to visit a few sites that discuss the risks and benefits of raw milk, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not raw milk is right for you.

Is Raw Milk Safe?
We think so!
Can of fresh milk

***Want to know more about the goats that make the milk - how they are raised and what they are fed? Meet the Herd to find out more!

Our base share size is one half gallon of raw milk each week. We also have options for cheese, cream, and kefir. Our prices are competitive with the pasteurized goat milk you can buy at a local store - but ours tastes way better, it's raw, and you can see where it comes from!

We have milk available year-round, although we generally have a waitlist in the winter months when production is slower. During these times we give special priority to families with babies or children who have dietary needs for the milk. 

Pickups are at the farm in Chugiak, although we also have limited availability at a pick-up site in Anchorage.

If you are interested please Contact Us for more information, pricing, and/or a copy of our most current contract.

We want everyone who needs it to be able to access raw goat's milk. If you are worried that our fees would present a financial hardship for you, please get in touch. We can discuss pricing and see if we can work out a reasonable arrangement. 

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