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Products & Services


This is only the beginning! We plan to continue adding additional services and products in the future. Please come back and see what we're building. Or Contact Us to make a suggestion!


Raw goat's milk is both delicious and nutritious! Buy a share and become a part-owner of our herd. This gives you access to a weekly supply of milk, cheese, and/or kefir.

At certain times of the year we have Nigerian Dwarf or Mini-Alpine babies for sale. We also sometimes have does-in-milk for sale. Check out our page to learn more, or contact us to see what's available.

During the spring and summer we can provide fertilized eggs or young birds (chickens, ducks, and geese), depending on availability.


In our newest venture, we are now breeding KuneKune pigs for meat or pets. Contact us to inquire about a piglet or two!

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